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Offering the best quality care for your pet

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Our animal hospitals have fully operational surgical, radiology and anaesthesia sections, with the most modern equipment and specialised teams to look after your pet. While in our hospitals, we understand your pet and their needs and ensure that all animals are as comfortable as possible.

We make each animal as comfortable and as comforted as possible. We provide all our hospital patients with soft bedding and hot water bottles. Like any sick person, our patients are given regular doses of TLC and attention whilst they are staying with us.

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Our fully equipped hospital facilities can offer your pet a caring and comprehensive treatment – computerised, so each pet has its own comprehensive life-long medical record. Our monitors keep an eye on your pet’s cardiovascular and respiratory functions by monitoring these elements: pulse oximetry and blood pressure, CO2 concentrations, body temperature, ECG and other indicators of the state of our patient.

Your pet gets the best quality care, whether it’s a medical or surgical issue.

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Customer Feedback

“When we got our new puppy Parker Brown, we knew we would go back to Sutherland Vet. They were the medical team that got us through the routine and unexpected ups and downs of our old dog Leroy’s life, right up to the end and they did it with so much love and care. There is so much trust and history there. They’re part of the family.”

– Alicia B.