Puppy Preschool

Our puppy preschool classes are conducted by qualified Delta society instructors. We are the only school in the Shire to offer this.

About the classes

If you have ever owned a young puppy, you would know it can be difficult to train them properly – to go to the toilet in the right place, to walk on a lead, to come when called, and so on. Socialisation with other puppies is also essential and all puppies must be vaccinated at the right time.

At our puppy classes, puppies from six to 18 weeks of age are welcome. This ensures they are trained properly right from the start. These classes will not only train your puppy but will also train YOU in the correct training methods so that you will be able to carry on further training in the future. We also go through basic handling techniques and show the owner how to give tablets, clean out ears and cut nails.

Each training program runs for four weeks, with classes held once each week on a weekday evening, at the Como Veterinary Surgery (62 Wolger Street, Como. Phone 9589 0022). Classes are held indoors, so they can be held in any weather. Each session lasts about one hour. It is recommended that puppies be brought along before dinner as yummy treats are supplied.

Our Puppy Preschool classes are conducted by Julie Rihani, our Practice Manager who is also qualified in Animal Behaviour. You can visit her website beyondbeginners.com.au for more information on Julie and her approach to helping you train your pet.


All puppies need to have had at least their first vaccination before entering the preschool program. This is necessary for the safety of all the puppies. A certificate of vaccination will need to be presented at the first class. The clinic is also sterilised prior to the classes to add to the safety of the pups.

How to book

Classes are popular, so bookings are essential. You can book by phoning the Como surgery on (02) 9589 0022 or the Sutherland Clinic on (02) 9545 2100.

Call 02 9545 2100 now to book an appointment with our highly trained veterinarians and vet nurses today!

Customer Feedback

“When we got our new puppy Parker Brown, we knew we would go back to Sutherland Vet. They were the medical team that got us through the routine and unexpected ups and downs of our old dog Leroy’s life, right up to the end and they did it with so much love and care. There is so much trust and history there. They’re part of the family.”

– Alicia B.