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DentalsGum disease is a common problem with pets. Good oral health is essential for a healthy, happy life. We treat dental care very seriously for our patients.

A pet with a toothache often suffers in silence until the disease is well advanced. Oral bacteria can spread to the heart, lungs and kidneys, causing serious illnesses, disease and the necessity for painful extractions.

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Our vet hospitals are equipped with ultrasonic scalers, high-speed drills and a full range of dental instrumentation to provide comprehensive dental treatments for your pet.

We participate in Dental Month in August each year, and you can have your pet’s teeth checked for free.

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Customer Feedback

“When we got our new puppy Parker Brown, we knew we would go back to Sutherland Vet. They were the medical team that got us through the routine and unexpected ups and downs of our old dog Leroy’s life, right up to the end and they did it with so much love and care. There is so much trust and history there. They’re part of the family.”

– Alicia B.